We’ve begun to scan our files

I haven’t chosen a document imaging solution just yet. But, rather than wait, we’re getting use to the process. My office manager is learning the basic techniques and using our old files to test the process.

We own a Kodak Scan Station 100. It’s not the newest Scan Station, but it works. We can walk up to it and scan to an email address or a network share or a printer. The newer models can even scan and fax.

I’d like to try out Kodak’s Capture Pro software next.

Have you had any luck going paperless?

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  1. June

    I have our accounts receivable invoices saved electronically. I ‘print’ to Adobe PDF and then print the invoices to be sent by mail. The list of customers that accept EDI or email is growing. Have not tackled the payables yet. Have a scanner on the copier, but does not do well with multiple sizes in one scan through the sheet feeder. I will have to invest in a scanner specifically for this use.

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