Which Computers are Better for Business Use

This topic was suggested to me by a friend and client…keep the suggestions coming!

In this post, I’m going to talk specifically about Windows-based computers – as there is no Apple company store within 50 miles (West Palm Beach is the closest) and the majority of business computers are (cover your ears Apple advocates) – still running Microsoft Windows.

Windows comes in several flavors. However, Microsoft Windows has versions specifically for business use. They have the ability to join with Microsoft’s Windows Servers. These editions include Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise. You won’t find these pre-installed on computers found in most retail chains. You could upgrade them to Windows 7 Professional, but it’s another $200.

Warranty is important. When your business relies on computers – and all do these days – the longer the warranty the better. I prefer warranties from the manufacturer rather than a third party. Three years should do it. Anything longer can get expensive and difficult to justify. I know we’re keeping computers longer than three years these days, but it’s only to try to save money. Is that wise? I think an other post is in the works regarding that topic!

And watch out for the trial editions. A computer may say it comes with Microsoft Office, but if it’s a trial – it’s only good for 60 days. Then it must be purchased. That’s another $200-400. There is a less expensive Microsoft Office Student & Home version, but it only has Word and Excel – no Outlook – the popular office email app.

Buying a netbook or a very inexpensive computer (under $500), may also bring other problems. Speed would be the main one. These less expensive computers an run any Windows application – but it doesn’t mean that they’ll run them well.

Let me know what you’ve found – the good , the bad and the ugly regarding purchasing computers for your business. Leave a comment.

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