First rental experience with Redbox

Well my addiction to McDonalds Monopoly Game has me winning a free rental at Redbox. I had to setup an account and guarantee the return of the movie with a credit card.

I used their iPhone app to find the nearest location at a 7-11 two blocks away. They also have a website at Redbox or you can pick your movie using the touchscreen on the box itself.

My family decided on Karate Kid (the new one starring Will Smith’s son). We were surprised to see so many recent releases. We also found that if I hadn’t won a free movie credit from McDonalds (who until recently was part owner), the rental would have been only $1.07. Wow!

We returned the movie by 9pm the next day. I’d do it again and by choosing and reserving the movie from my phone while at dinner with the family, the experience was very convenient.

What experiences have you had with Redbox movie rentals?

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