Super Bowl Tech News

Best Buy will announce there new buy back program to “future-proof” technology purchased from them during a Super Bowl commercial. Although the news has been out for a couple of days, I wanted to think about what this means. A retail company is guaranteeing that you can trade-in your old technology for a Best Buy Gift Card. Of course, I don’t know at what value or if it’s competitive to the market for used technology (see e-bay), but it is a significant change. Either technology has started to retain it’s value longer – going against the common thought that all tech older than a few years is worthless – or Best Buy has found a way to make money off this idea by getting the true geek in us to upgrade our technology more often – purchasing it from Best Buy.

Do you buy your tech from Best Buy? Or is it only when you need something asap that you go to the store rather than buy online? Would this Best Buy Future Proof idea change your buying habits for tech?

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