iPad 2 Hunt Begins

Ok. First question. Do I need an iPad 2 when I already have the first iPad? Well, I don’t have a laptop I carry around, so the iPad is my sole tool for doing my job – in the tech industry. So, I think I can justify it. If not, I’ll say it’s for my 9yr old daughter’s sake. She keeps wanting to borrow mine!

So, this morning I ordered the iPad 2 from the Apple store online. This is the first day to get your hands on one. So, the stores will be crazy – especially the Apple store in West Palm Beach. However, upon completing the order, instead of 3-5 days – it now says I’ll get it between March 22-29. Sigh.

The quest to find one locally begins!

I went to our local Wal-mart this morning. They won’t start selling them until 5pm. This is true with the Apple store down south and our local Best Buy. I suppose this is a good thing. Then we can get our work done today and get in line after work at 5pm. But, will I end up with one? And which one?

The new Apple iPad 2 now comes in 18 flavors. White/Black, Wi-Fi Only/3G, 3G Verizon/3G AT&T. Which ones will actually be in stock?

I’ll keep you posted of my success or failure. And I’ll try to get some real work done.

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