Experiencing Androids

Wow. This is not your cool sisters iPad 2!

Yes I can do flash now. Some that means I can play flash-based Zynga games on Facebook right? Only if you have the patience of a plugged in monk. Farmville detects your Android device and says its unsupported. It won’t play. Cityville plays, but is so very slow and crashes often.

And what about apps? The new Android tablets run Honeycomb (v3.0). While you can see apps like Facebook, Words with Friends and Netflix, any attempt to install reveals your device is unsupported. Android phones run older 2.x and work. But,  Honeycomb is for tablets and runs fast, with fewer app choices in the Android Marketplace.

You may be on the cutting edge with an Android tablet over an iPad, but you’d better be good about not cursing in front of your iPad friends. Honeycomb 3.1 for my Acer will be out this month. Fingers crossed while I keep my iPad because it works.

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