Still awaiting Android Honeycomb 3.1

Here I sit. Clicking on check system updates. Frowning at my Acer. Texas has it. England has it. Arizona has it. I don’t.

I knew the Acer Iconia only had Android OS 3.0.1 when I bought it. But I also knew Acer would update it. Its an over-the-wire update, so no need to connect to a computer. Apple announced this “freedom” in the fall with their IOS 5 release. Great idea and I understand why its a rolling update – so everyone doesn’t try to get it at the same time. But its been over a week.

So here I sit. Typing out my frustration. Awaiting an update lauded as faster, support for Exchange email and new USB support as well as some GUI enhancements. Hear me sigh.

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