Have you seen this in the grocery store?

Ok. It’s not tech. There’s not even an app for it. I checked. But for someone that spends no time in the kitchen but still eats food and would like to serve it once in a while – this is really cool!

I walked by this dozens of times. Finally, I took notice. Publix has organized a meal (including dessert) and printed it on a card you can wipe off (good for messy me!). But much more than that – they’ve already gathered all the ingredients in one place. No hunting around the grocery store.

There’s something wrong when you spend more time finding the ingredients in the store than it takes to cook the meal. This solves that for people like us!

And for those incessant organizers – you can collect all the recipe cards and put them in a custom binder ($4.99). The recipe cards are free. Still, an app would be nice…

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