Canceling Online Services a Real Drag

I’m not normally a complainer. I’m a doer. A fixer. A problem solver. But here goes:

Why is it that it’s so easy to sign up for a paid online service, but almost impossible to cancel it? Tell me if you agree.

Last week I signed up for Intuits Data Protect service for a third method to backup my Quickbooks data. The first 30 days are a trial. But they still take your credit card info. Turns out IDP doesn’t work if you leave QuickBooks open. So that doesn’t work for me.

So, I click on the handy link to cancel. I get an error that they are still processing my original order. Fine. Five days later, same message. So I had my staff call to cancel. They will only speak to me. Sigh. They didn’t care who signed up or confirm if they were authorized.

Another online vendor describes how to cancel online- pointing to a cancel button that didn’t exist.

Im a patient person. But I know these aren’t mistakes or because the service is new. And the vendors are very experienced with online services.

Ok. I have stepped down from my box.

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