Day 16 with Bells Palsy

The pain has gone, finally. Well most of it. I can stand it now without having to take a pill. That’s a good sign I think. People say my eye is less droopy and my mouth, also. But, I don’t get my hopes up so easily. However, I do find it easier to eat.

My right eye (bells palsy side) has been bothering me. More teary and sore. But, I think I tried to rub my eyelid and rubbed my eye. I don’t remember. So, I’m probably to blame for that.

I tell fewer strangers what I have. Or, I wait until I’m leaving to let them know why I’m mumbling.

I know I’m eating less and almost sure that I’ve lost weight. A good side affect as I could lose some poundage.

I find that lately I prefer Burger King chicken nuggets. And I even get the honey mustard sauce. They tend not to be too hot right out of the box. It’s harder to tell when somethings too hot and I’ve burned the inside of my mouth early on. Also, they’re slightly softer than McDonald’s nuggets.

I have to be careful not to get too grumpy. If the pain increases, I may not notice it and it comes out as Mr. Testy. Usually I just mumble to myself when I’m alone and that’s enough to let the grumps free.

I’m going to bed earlier. And I’m still leaving the fan off – most of the time. Or when I do turn it on, I point it away from me. Less “wind” for my chi. Too much wind – real and surreal can cause ear problems, I’m told. Sigh.

So, I think there is improvement – but gradual. Definitely less pain.

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  1. That sounds terrible Eric. My husband had a spell of it a couple of years ago. Sounds like you could at least use a good home-cooked meal. (I’m volunteering my husband – I can’t cook at all). So, accept this invitation and come over. We’ll pick your brains about our tech toys while you’re here.

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