In Technology, Change is Constant

At a conference learning about new technologies and how to become best-in-class as a business owner.

Intel is pushing the Ultrabook(tm). It’s their trademark so they control the specs. It’s basically a fast, thin, secure notebook. The key spec is it must boot Windows in under 7 seconds. Think of all the comic strips that will go unread, the fewer sips of coffee, the time saved. Way to go on this one Intel! The upcoming generation will have multitouch screens and hybrids with tablet-like features. Oh and will run Windows 8.

Also, AIO. Get used to that. It means All-in-One. It’s a desktop built into the screen. Lower costs, faster processors and multi-touch blended with Windows 8 will make this the new standard.

Exciting times. As with all new toys, time will determine their value in our lives.

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