Google Chromebook. Seriously?

I read about this today. I thought about it. Come on. Let’s take a tablet and add a keyboard and double the weight and lessen the battery life and remove the touchscreen ability. No. Wait! Let’s take a laptop, slow it down, remove Windows and install an OS we made up. Oh and it’s only useable with Internet access – wifi. Still, for $249, someone might buy it right?

I’m all for playing with new devices. But even I (who owns a banished HP Touchsmart and uncool Blackberry Playbook among other various tech sundries), have my limits. Google’s argument appears to be that there are avid Google cloud users out there that can’t get their work done with a real laptop or a tablet. But, I’m not one to say it’s useless – just that I can’t think of a use for it. Right now. So, let’s see how many shell out $249 for it.

For the WSJ article, see:

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