Typing this on my Surface Pro

Yep. A man of a thousand tablets and I fell for another one. Hey, it’s fun for me. Expensive, but fun. Meanwhile, you get to learn about a new tablet without first having to shell out $1,000+.

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro was released for ordering on Feb 9th. I accidentally woke up around 1am that morning and remembered this. Honest! But, I took it as a sign and ordered the more expensive $999 version with 128Gb of SSD memory. The $899 version has 64Gb.

The Surface Pro (and my RT) doesn’t have a built-in 3G cellular modem. But, fortunately, I had just changed my AT&T plan for my cell phones to one that included free personal hot-spot service. So, my iPhone could put out a wifi signal that the Surface could ‘see’ and use.

My thoughts? It’s heavier and slightly thicker than the RT model. But, with full blown Windows 8 Pro – I can run any Windows program on it. And I can run any website that requires ActiveX controls or Java or Flash. That’s a nice feeling. Freedom to run anything.

This time I opted for the Type keyboard. It magnetically attaches and it’s easier for fast typists like me because the keys are real. The screen is about the same width as a typical laptop even though it’s not as tall. Which makes it as useful as a laptop without the size and weight.

One drawback is the stylus. I’m not sure why it’s included. But, it’s cute. However, it magnetically attaches to the side where the power cord attaches. It’s not a big deal to take the stylus off to attach the power cord. But, because it’s magnetic, it can come off rather easy. I’ve misplaced it twice in as many days. I’ve placed it in my briefcase for fear of losing it forever.

A larger drawback is the battery life. It’s less than 5 hours. When you consider you’re really running the speed of a full blown laptop (Intel i5), it’s good. But, this is supposed to double as a tablet. And when Steve Jobs defined the tablet, it’s usefulness hinged on going all day without a recharge. However, I haven’t had it long enough for this to be an issue yet. So, I’ll keep you posted.

As far as going to sleep, it does this automatically when you fold the keyboard over the screen. And it wakes up rather quickly. Not instant like my iPad, but fast enough not to get distracted into doing something else while waiting.

Content creation is the key. The iPad has always been for content consumption. Sure, a few Facebook posts might be considered creation, but seriously? I mostly use the iPad for Netflix, games, social media, reading- all consuming. That’s not good for my creative side. The Microsoft Surface Pro can do more and without the limits of a tablet OS. So, I’m looking forward to being more creative.

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