The Pursuit of Joy

Has anyone ever asked you – or have you asked yourself, more importantly, what brings you joy? I’m not talking about happiness. That’s brief and fleeting. Joy is something that you do or experience that fills your heart long after the event has concluded. Joy is something that accumulates like a sticky ball in the sand. Or, like a piggy bank that never empties.

Joy accumulates over time and you are a better person for it’s wealth. You can draw on it’s power when in need.

But, what brings you joy? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a few weeks now. I haven’t figured it out. Not entirely anyway. Specifically, I’m trying to think of things that I enJOY doing. I figure that’s a beginning. If I can do that, then the rest of my personal definition should define itself.

I’m not a selfish person. I’m a gift giver. I can be creative. I’m a thinker. I imagine. I am dutiful. I try to be organized. But, I also think too far ahead. I hold what stresses me inside me and don’t let it out. I collect things. I am disappointed when I inevitably forget something for which I had thought about. I prioritize, but not always efficiently. I have trouble delegating. I don’t make time for just me or I waste it (watching Netflix or playing iPad games comes to mind).

What brings me Joy? Think about what brings you Joy. Is it Joy or Happiness? Is it enough?

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