Tracking My Health

I did some research on these new gadgets that track your activities during the day. I think the Fitbit Flex is the best choice right now, so I ordered one. Turns out its not actually shipping yet. Rumor is that it’ll ship the first week in May.

I like it because its a bracelet. It doesn’t have to attach to clothing. There are a variety of colors. And it also tracks your sleep. Nice. That’ll be interesting.

At this point it’s curiosity.

Meanwhile I ordered the Fitbit Aria wifi scale. It arrived this week. I decided on black because you must be barefoot for it to measure BMI (body fat). And from using the Wii, white shows dirt very quickly. However the surface of hey Aria is not as porous so should be easy to clean in either color.

It was very easy to configure. A download link installed the Windows setup program on my Surface Pro tablet. It attached my wifi to the Aria, configured its setting to match my home wifi and then set myself up as the first user. It can handle the whole family. So far, just be weight range alone, it knows if its dad, mom or child.

The wifi ability uploads your weight and BMI to the fitbit website. Family members can’t see each others statistics unless sharing is enabled. Again, nice touch. And the scales digital readout shows the weight and BMI as well.

So far its fancy enough to leave it in the living room where we first tested it. It might move to the bathroom, but it could go anywhere. I’m looking forward to trying the Fitbit Flex next.

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