Bells Palsy update, 2 years later

Aside from having not updated this blog in the past six months (yeah! what’s up with that!), I think I should fill you in on my Bell’s Palsy. It’s coming up on my 2nd anniversary of my 2nd bout with my annoying companion.

The right side of my face is 95% back to normal. So, it’s still there. I’m reminded when I have to dab my watery eyes when I eat. I’m reminded when I try to smile and I feel the tension and fear it will be noticed 100%. I’m reminded when I try to swish my mouthwash. I’m reminded when I cannot lift my eyebrows. I’m reminded when I cannot blink my right eye.

But, 95% is livable. It’s not as obvious as I think. I smile less to make sure of that. After such a long time, I think it will always be there.

And yet, there are some things that make it worse: Stress. Talking. Not getting enough sleep. Things that may help: Massaging my face, such as when washing it. Laughing alone such as when watching a good comedy.

I think the hardest part is the fear that it’ll come back or get worse. Since, there are good days and bad days, those bad days can really mess with me – making me wonder. And ironically, trying to smile, is my way of proving it’s still 95% gone.


  1. Jen Dawson

    Never….EVER stop smiling! I’ve known you for a long time and I was around for the first bout of it and just look at all the amazing ways you’ve been blessed since then!! You ROCK!

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