Apple Watch Tips #1

I’ve recently discovered (if by accident counts, that too!) a few not so obvious features of my Apple Watch.

The Friend Button

This is a thus far, pretty useless button. I have no Apple Watch friends. So, I can’t take advantage of the ability to send drawings, taps or heartbeats to a fellow watch owner. However….

1. By double-tapping the friend button, it brings up Apple Pay. Once configured with credit cards, you can select the credit card and then tap the watch on an Apple Pay credit card reader and pay. No getting out the ol’ credit card and swiping and touching a credit card reader! Now, I just have to find a credit card reader that now supports Apple Pay! The adventures of being on the cutting edge of watchology.

2. By holding down the Friend Button, you can Power Off, Lock or go to Reserve Power. The Lock feature allows one to set a passcode. The neat thing about this is that it only asks you for the passcode if you take the watch off your wrist. Otherwise, it’s not required. Another “obvious” Apple design idea.

The Crown

1. Hold down to start Siri (this was in the training video)

2. Double Tap to go to last app you used. This I discovered by accident.

Watch Face

1. Hold your hand over the watch face for a few seconds to silence phone calls ringing in or other audio alerts.

So, by now you’re still wondering. Do I like it? Well, I do. I really do. But, now I feel guilty about not wearing my plethora of normal watches. Perhaps I can start wearing two watches? It could add to the geek uniform of tomorrow!

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