LyveHome is Dead

Aside from all the horrible tragedies and sad losses we’ve experienced in 2016, another has come to light. Or rather, dark. We have spoken about technical jargon that has disappeared over the decades as new technology takes it’s place. But, even the new stuff is disappearing. And more quickly than in the past. There is definitely going to be an acceleration of dying tech as the new years awaits us.

Lyve Home, lastly acquired by Seagate, is gone. It was only introduced about 2 yrs ago. A cloud-based desktop photo display – it would store and update photos wirelessly from synced devices (phones & tablets). You could be anywhere in the world and take a picture with your phone, and it would show up on the Lyve Home. Plus, it’s built-in 2Tb hard drive would act as a backup for these photos as well.

Alas, I had bought one. I also received the offer in the fall of 2016 to receive a free 2Tb portable hard drive from Seagate as a consolation. Better than nothing.

But, think about it. What does this really mean? It means that new technology we reach out to today, can disappear almost tomorrow. This adds yet another consideration (aside from the ever present issue of security) when adopting new tech, new gadgets, new cloud-based services. Seagate is a big company – so don’t just consider the company behind it – it’s only a matter of time.

So, goodbye Lyve Home. We hardly knew ye. And, unfortunately, there will be more to come – or go, rather.


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  1. Matt H

    I wish there was a way to run it offline. Pictures are stored locally, why do I need a wifi connection to run the SW? It plays pictures now but then orange screen says it cannot connect to service. Stupid.

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