Yin and Yang of Preserving our Soul

Ok. I’m a bit dramatic as usual. But it’s a serious consideration. The Soul. What powers it? What preserves its essence. What keeps us going – in a good way?

I often think of it as Consuming vs. Creating. The less we Create, the less we are taking care of ourselves – our souls. But, what is consuming and creating? Consuming is watching Netflix for hours a day. Consuming is playing a video game for hours a day. Consuming is taking and not giving. Consuming is making others work for you and doing nothing for them. Consuming is using resources, including time. Whereas, Creating is the Yang – it’s making dinner, writing, painting, helping others, saving someone time, programming, fixing something, making the world around us better – well you get the point.

My point? If you find yourselves consuming too much – you need to take a break from it. It’s too easy. It’s too addictive. Take a break and create something. Set some time once a week. Don’t get so caught up in consuming that you use it to just survive the day. Using your own inner creativity is the better choice. And remember, it is a choice.

This is one soul’s opinion.

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