AT&T Kids

Ok. I’m over 50. Can I call them kids? They showed up after convincing my staff to let them meet me. Their IN was reducing my costs on my AT&T Fiber bill – which is around $1,100 a month.

No masks. It’s mid-June. From a mask-required part of Florida – Dade County. We didn’t know this until they were leaving. But we already made them sit up front and we kept a distance.

The Deal: Get AT&T UVerse and get $700 off your Fiber bill. I didn’t have to sign anything. In fact, one of them couldn’t log into his laptop and called his wife to try to get the password, but was still unsuccessful.

What Happened: UVerse installer makes an appt. Comes on-site. Determines he can’t mount the dish to get a signal. Says he will just leave but keep the account open for our discount. We get a bill for about $130/month for U-Verse service. I still haven’t signed anything.

The Promise: In next few months, I get a discount on our AT&T Fiber. Month 1 – no discount. Month 2 – still waiting for the bill.

I’ll keep this updated if there are any changes. I’m a bit sceptic, but then I’ve dealt with AT&T – see my previous posts. LOL.

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