Why Fedex, Why?

I suppose it’s not just Fedex. But today it is. Today, I wasted an entire Saturday waiting for a package. A cool package…dare I say it…an Apple Watch Ultra. Apple said it wouldn’t arrive until November. But then I received an alert at the beginning of the week that it would arrive on Friday (yesterday). The tracking even said so. The Fedex tracking, I might add.

It didn’t arrive. And at around 6pm on Friday, it said they would try to deliver it on Saturday. Amazon does this too. I’ve been in business 30 years. My business address hasn’t changed since our most recent expansion in 2019. I know Amazon knows I’m a business because that’s what my account says. Yet, they repeatedly think they can deliver a package to me on the weekend.

Don’t they know that the weekend is when I hide behind a locked door at my business address and try to catch up with work? So, no deliveries.

Saturday morning, the tracking says it left Cocoa, FL on a vehicle and is traveling to me. Well, what do I do? If I get it, I’ll have a whole weekend to play with my new toy. Fine. I go to work. But, I don’t want the Fedex driver to be misled that I’m closed. I open the shades on the front doors. I park my car near the entrance. I unlock the door. I turn the lights on. I even turn the closed sign to open. And I wait.

I run to the store and put a sign on the door to deliver it next door, since my neighboring business is really open. Two hours later, I return. I keep checking the app and tracking says it’s still in transit.

I sit up front watching through the window.

Then around 4pm I check tracking again, and it says delivery could not be completed since the business was closed. WTH? I couldn’t be more open unless I sat on a lawn chair out front and held a banner saying “OPEN!” Should I call? I never call. It’s such a waste of time. But my day was wasted. I called. It takes a while to find the number online as I keep getting directed to the Virtual Assistant. But, I didn’t realize that the human being that answered for Fedex would be just as useless to me. “The tracking isn’t always accurate”, he says. “I’ll call them but maybe they closed early. Nope. They didn’t answer.” My favorite part was when he asked for the door tag # when I said they never showed up. So, they couldn’t have placed a door tag on my door without me seeing them do it and them seeing me seeing them.

So, the conclusion is that I should not expect my Apple Watch. I should not get excited with anticipation. I shouldn’t believe the Fedex tracking and its “Out for Delivery” statement. And I shouldn’t believe that when the Fedex human said goodbye that he really meant “Have a nice day!”

I guess in this world of technology in the year 2022, it’s too much to expect a mature, shipping expert such as Fedex to provide accurate tracking information and to tell the world that they tried to deliver but they couldn’t, when they could.

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