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I tend to think a lot about how I’m going to use a new gadget.  I’ve been burned before – paying for a cool new toy only to find out it’s not all that. And as a double whammy, the price I paid drops in a few months and now I’m a real sucker.

Apple doesn’t have an iPad ( to show you yet before you pre-order it. But, if you have an iPhone, just think bigger. I do, so it doesn’t take a lot of imagination. But is it the best choice?

HP announced their HP Slate – but it won’t be available until the end of the year. Ugh!

I found an Archos 9. It’s at and is considered an “Internet Tablet” – their terminology , not mine. It runs Windows 7 Starter. It has usb ports and a camera and can install any Windows software – unlike an iPad. It’s even less money than an iPad. But, if I want 3G support, I’ll pay more per month.

So now I have to think. What’s important? The ability to always know it’s charged and can be “on” instantly? Then, the iPad or other such device. Or is it more important that I can run my Windows applications and can use a stylus to write on the screen using Microsoft OneNote ( Then, the Archos 9 will prove more useful.

Or perhaps I can buy both and use double sided tape and connect them back to back! I can flip and use Windows and then flip and use a cool Apple iPad app.

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