What is a Slate?

A slate could be thought of as a new name for a tablet PC. The tablet pc has been out for years, but has had very limited use. I own one. But, I’m a touch typist, so converting my notebook into tablet mode can sometimes be a hindrance.

But, perhaps this definition of “slate” is more than just another way to say “tablet.” I’d like to think this a next generation or even a new category of technology. For a slate shouldn’t have an attached keyboard, but remain on screen. A slate should be instant on. A slate should have great battery life. A slate should support a stylus and multi-touch – an ability of the Apple iPhone minus the stylus.

And how are we to use this new technology? Is it just another cool gadget looking for a purpose? In business, it can be a useful tool. How many times have you been frustrated about having to boot up your notebook or tablet PC? The wait. The long wait. A slate has great battery life – so no more carrying around the power adapter like you do with a notebook or tablet. Mine is always low on battery life.

So, do I want a slate? Do I need it? Will it help me do my work faster, better or at a lower cost?

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