Entrepreneurial Enlightenment

I’ve run a local business for almost 17 years now. And it’s still a learning experience. It’s still a challenge. It’s still stressful. And it’s still something I like doing.

But, after almost two decades, I begin to wonder. I wonder when I’ll be ‘enlightened’ – when I’ll hit my stride and the stress will fall away.

Does it happen when I can delegate all my tasks to my excellent staff?

Or perhaps it’s when I semi-retire some day (still many many years away) and I’m forced to relinquish my day-to-day responsibilities?

Or is this entrepreneurial enlightenment an obtainable goal? Is it one of these things we can always try to seek, but only in the trying do we discover ourselves and our own limitations and be content with what we find.

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  1. Eric,
    Business ownership is not for the feint of heart. I totally get where you are coming from and ask myself the same questions daily…and especially lately….especially today.

    My take is that it never is meant to be nirvana. If it were, the risks and rewards wouldn’t be so high. With the ever changing marketplace, world and technology (you know this best) it gets harder and harder but through the process of developing, maintaining and growing a small business we become better humans.

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