Mistakes happen, but how will you handle them?

I recently had to take my car in for routine service. But, I had an issue with it that I figured I’d have them look at again. I found out later in the day that it would be several thousand dollars to fix. I had to sit down. It’s out of warranty and I’m still making payments. But, I got it fixed. After all, it could get worse and I need my car.

Well, the next day, after getting the car back, the same problem came up. Repeatedly. Ugh!

But, mistakes happen. Perhaps they made a mistake assembling the car after the repair? What could I do? I took it back again this morning.

We all make mistakes. That’s a given. But, how will you handle them. Will you admit to them? Will you deflect the blame? Will you get angry in front of the customer? Will you feel empathy and fix the mistake for free? Will you apologize? What will you do differently to fix the mistake so it doesn’t happen again or can happen less often?

Of course, they were apologetic. This was to be expected. But, how will they handle this? Will they bill me to fix it again? We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

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