Trying to Keep Our Lives Charged

How many items must you charge at night to keep tomorrow online? It used to be a cordless drill. A golf cart or a motorcycle you never get a chance to ride. But what about today?

I know I have a few. Well, more than a few. Obviously, my cell phone. I just have one of those. My wife has two! What else? A Sony e-reader. A Kindle. Bluetooth stereo headphones. A bluetooth earpiece – or simply my bluetooth. Is that all? Let me think? Well I also have a laptop. I have a slate. And ironically, I live in a house that has no grounded outlets – built in 1936.

Well, that must be all right? Thank goodness usb drives and flash sticks don’t require charging. Oh, I forgot my cellular modem, or mifi. My wireless mouse at work needs cradle charging about once a week.

Everything needs a charge. I suppose it’s better than having to buy batteries and disposing of the depleted ones. But, it’s only going to get worse. Electric cars must be charged. Boy, the day would be a bummer when you forget to plug your car in the night before!

Our lives need to be charged. We can’t forget. We need our devices right? Our rechargeable flashlights, weather radios, wireless speakers, lasers (wife, hair, don’t ask), it goes on and on!

I suppose one day we might have a “Don’t use a rechargeable device day.” – but who would honor it?

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  1. June Stadnik

    Hmm…. the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” comes to mind. We really have to think about how much we really need the additional electronics. Technology changes at lighting speed.

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