Can Apple do business?

I finally decided to get an iPad. It’s my birthday. So here’s my quest…

I called the Apple store. It’s about 60 miles away. They have some! But, I can’t put it on hold or prepay. I could be put on a waiting list. How long? About a week. Sigh.

Ok. I could order it from Apple online. Next day ship? Um…no. 7-10 Days to ship. About 5 days to get here. Another sigh.

I know! E-bay! Lots of iPads there – even used ones. The prices are higher than retail and shipping times “flexible.”

So, I call the Apple store again. They still have some? Yes! I leave right away. I make it in record time. I’m asked at the door by a blue shirted kid what I’m there for. Ok. I need an iPad specialist. Not just any blue shirt will do. I’m first in “line.” I’m excited! I wait only a couple of minutes. The place is a madhouse. I have to talk loudly and briefly to explain to the iPad specialist why I am there. He’s doubtful they have any. I try to explain I drove far and was told there were some.

It takes a long time for the specialist to check in the back. I’m asked if I need help from another blue shirt. Anticipation. Dread. Hoping my effort of making it there after an hour drive and patiently waiting will pay off. It doesn’t. Nothing. Am I on the wait list? Yes, I answer. For one of the models. The specialist walks away. He’s just a kid too. He doesn’t care.

I am upset. I try to think. I decided to ask to be put on the waiting list for the model they said they had. I have to wait for a different blue shirt. Then I’m shown a computer to sign in with my iTunes login. I don’t remember it. I don’t use it. I use my wife’s normally. Three password attempts and I walk out.

I didn’t follow the Apple rules. I didn’t want to wait. But it’s more than that. The blue shirts don’t care. Apple Care is just an extended warranty they push. The place was loud, chaotic. I couldn’t imagine coming there for a business computer. But Apple does well in the consumer market. As long as you follow their rules. And that formula appears to work – for now. They have plenty of popular products.

I still want an iPad. I forgive quickly. I wonder if Apple appreciates that?

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