Running Microsoft Office on an iPad

If you’ve read my past blog entries, I’ve tried to use a Windows 7 Slate to work. I can run everything on it. I have USB ports. I have a 60Gb hard drive. But I don’t have instant on. It’s slow and the battery life is less than half a day. Instant on is critical when I’m trying to multitask or just look up something quickly.

Hence, the iPad. But it doesn’t run Windows. So, how am I going to merge the best of both? Citrix XenApp. By deploying the latest version in my office, I can “publish” applications to my iPad, a web browser, my iPhone, a Mac, a PC, a thin client, etc. Wow! Cool! Amazing!

Now, I’m happy. I have the instant on of my iPad and the ability to run Flash in a published session of Internet Explorer, etc.

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