Using iBooks with PDFs

Yesterday Apple released the iBooks update that allows you to store PDFs like books. I use PDFs in the form of manuals and technical books. However, it’s a standard so there is quite a bit of material in this format.

After updating, I didn’t see the PDF link in the upper left. This is by design. You won’t see it until you import a PDF.

To import a PDF into iBooks, send it to yourself in an email as an attachment. Open the email on your iPad and then the attachment. You’ll then have the option of adding it to iBooks.

However I had some issues. I can’t open a PDF that’s large – such as 26Mb. And if you have a large PDF mixed with small ones in the same email, it won’t open any. I had to resend the small ones in a separate email.

So, I still prefer FastPDF app. It doesn’t have size restrictions and you can upload PDFs via a built in web server. Very cool! This emailing of PDFs was so old school.

Let me know how you like iBooks and if you switched to FastPDF.

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