Do we still need to turn off the lights?

We live in an old house. My wife decided to replace the ceiling fan in one of the rooms with a chandalier that befit the age of the home. However, we decided to try out some new LED candelabra lights we had purchased recently from Sam’s Club.

They worked. And they look ok. A sort of modern edge to a decades old lighting fixture.  I think for the sake of “going green” – we can be forgiven for not using regular light bulbs.

The interesting part is that the packing for the LED lights say that they consume about 1.6 cents of power per year per light bulb. Wow! So, if they consume so little, do we still turn off the lights when we leave the room? Do we need to anymore?

Let’s take it a step further. Suppose we come up with robots that can pick up litter on the highway. Is it ok to litter since it’ll get picked up?

When is it ok to eliminate a habit we’ve been taught? Or perhaps we should just keep the habit and let the next generation not learn it. But, isn’t this sort of difference between generations what makes the younger mock the older?

We still turn off the chandalier when we leave the room. But, perhaps if we forget, we’ll feel a little less guilty.

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  1. June Stadnik

    No matter how little energy is used, we still need to conserve 😉 Eliminate the bad habits, but enforce the good ones. The younger ones are just inexperienced – soon they will hear the words of their parents coming out of their own mouths!

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