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For some insane (ie moneymaking) decision, Apple/AT&T won’t allow a Wifi-only iPad to tether to an iPhone. I tried it. Yep. Doesn’t work. However, those that are on the older iPhone 3 OS, can jailbreak (hack) their phones and get this ability.

So, what am I to do? Better yet, what are WE to do?

The old school way of getting a laptop on the Internet when no free Wifi is available, is to use a 3G modem from a cellular service. That’s ok, but it  only gives that one laptop the ability. And it’s expensive – $60/month on average – for that once computer.

However, cellular carriers are starting to offer tiered plans for less. And some even offer prepaid plans for those that need this ability only on vacations or business trips.

But what about families? What about those with more than one Wifi device? That’s where the MiFi comes in. It’s made by Novatel and I bought it from Verizon. It’s the latest 2200 model. It’s basically, a battery powered cellular modem. Turn it on, and if it’s charged (yes folks, one more thing to plug in at night), that’s it. You now have a device than gets on the Internet anywhere there’s Verizon cellular service.

But how do you connect? By Wifi, of course! Up to 5 devices can connect wirelessly to this little guy. So, if you’re in the car travelling with family, the kids and your spouse can all share the same internet connection for the same $/month. Or, if you have a laptop, Wifi-only iPad, PSP, PDA or other some such device – as long as they can get on Wifi, they can get on Broadband (Verizon) too!

I didn’t make it or come up with the idea. Thank Novatel. And thank Helen for suggesting this article.  Here’s a picture…..

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