Longevity of the written word

Let it be written. Let it be done.

Will these words be viewable a year from now? A decade? A millennia?

Think of all the media written words have used. Cave walls. Mud. Animal skins. Papyrus. Paper. Stone. Metal. Our skin. The sky. Tapes. Diskettes. Hard drives. Flash drives. CDs.

And which ones have lasted thousands of years? Certainly not floppies. Who has a floppy drive to read them? And if they did, what about the format they’re in. Could be from any operating system and word processor.

Will the digital written word be lost if not on paper? In our striving to be paperless, paper remains the universal media. Well, that and cave walls.

We learn so much from our past that I hope tomorrows researchers find a way to read our present. So that floppy drive or cdrom drive may need to be around as long as the media exists and is undamaged from magnetic loss and scratches.

Or you might want to print what you want to pass on to the next generation.

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