Over the hill and through the moods

Although I turned 40 three years ago, I am starting to feel it. I don’t yet have the urge to buy a Corvette, but I get the feeling that my health will never be any better than it is now. Wow! What a somber thought!

Oh sure I can take up yoga or some other exercise regimen my doctor prods me to do 20 minutes a day. But there is no getting away from entropy.

I think the other sign is the feeling that some stuff in my life I’ve ignored or just gotten used to, is starting to really bug me. I find myself not yet saying “no!,” but thinking it.

Perhaps it’s built-in self preservation to reduce life shortening stress in my daily life. Regardless, I can’t yet succumb to it as I feel the guilt of not always being ‘superman’ to my fans.

Not a tech theme here, yet I wanted to say it. I may be a mad genius at multitasking, but a little focus is a warranted.

Am I being selfish?


  1. SK

    Nah, not selfish at all! It’s that pesky “maturity” thing, you know, which allows us to tell the difference between what’s important and what just saps us of life and energy. And saying “no” feels good. Really, really good! Once you start, you won’t be able to stop! (So does yoga, by the way, but one challenge at a time ;D )

    Your fellow 40-something blog reader,

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