Smart Cover for iPad 2

After a few weeks, I still like my leather smart cover from Apple. However, I’ve had to clean it once already. Also it keeps the screen clean except for where the cover creases don’t touch the screen.

Also the cover doesn’t protect the back. Some may say there’s no need. However, it makes the iPad more slippery to hold. So, I broke down and ordered a new back cover that works with my existing Apple smart cover from Piel Frama. I should receive it in another week.


  1. Alan

    I think the Smart Cover is really cool, but it doesn’t offer much protection. I want to get one of these protectors called “Fender”, that works with the Smart Cover to help protect the iPad2. It’s not as bulky as the cases. Looks pretty classy too! Not bad for only $18.

    Fender iPad2 Bumper

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