iPad 2 in hand

Well it came on a Friday. Fedex said it would be Thursday. I usually don’t track something by the hour, but this one I did. All the way from China.

It took a few hours to copy all my settings to it from my old one, do the same for my wife’s, and then give hers to our 9yr old. Yes, she now has an iPad. Kids don’t think ahead usually, so it’ll be interesting to see if she keeps it charged.

So do I like it? Yes! I can tell it’s thinner. Feels the same weight tho. It’s faster. It has cameras now, but they’re poor quality and I haven’t used them much.

But for someone like me that replaced their laptop with an iPad, these improvements are worth it.

The old iPad is on sale now and I’m sure the used ones on eBay will depreciate as well.

I bought the smart cover. It doesn’t protect the back, but keeps the whole package thin. It’s cool and great for the minimalist. We will see if it holds up.

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