HP kills their new tablet!

You can’t tell from their website but for the insanely discounted prices on the tablets (accessories only 15% off with tablet purchase). Also, our recently renovated local Office Depot has them on a nice display at only $100 off and nothing else to indicate they are discontinued.

HP had a good product. Not perfect but a lot of potential. I bought one the day it came out. Little did I know less than two months later it would join my antiques collection. The sad thing is that HP sold the tablet after a year delay (from purchasing Palm) and all their diehard fans who bought one are stuck with a unique technology now going nowhere. I suppose it gives support to open tablet operating systems like Googles Android Honeycomb. Still, HP never really gave it a chance.

R.I.P. HP Touchpad.

For more info see http://www.smbnation.com/Home/tabid/36/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/963/HP_TouchPad_Bites_the_Dust_Company_Kills_webOS_Operations.aspx

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