Replacing my wife’s iPhone 4S

You might think I’m replacing it with an Android phone, the horror! 🙂 Although Android is improving, the reason was a battery in the iPhone 4S. It would get very hot and loose it’s charge long before lunch.

Times haven’t changed with technology. First she was told to go to the local AT&T store. They said she must have too many apps running in the background. Then a call to Apple recommended we wipe the iPhone and restore. That took two hours of my time and none of Apple’s to suggest it. Didn’t work.

So, after a few more days, my wife finally convinced them to send another. It was only a month old. Phone support never takes into account the tech ability of the user. They always assume we are idiots and gullible. But we are liars. We have to be to get past some of their illogical recommendations. “Yes we already tried that!” becomes the correct reply to avoid irretrievable hours on the phone.

The process once we received the new phone was easier than in the past. I ran a backup to iCloud. Then wiped the old phone. Moved the sim card to the new phone. During setup it asked if I wanted to restore from the iCloud. Make sure you have wifi access as it takes a while. Then the iPhone starts downloading all the old apps. But the next day my wife realized her music was missing. I had to revert to the old iTunes on our pc to restore it.

The new iPhone 4S replacement works. But, this story could have been much shorter.

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