Truly Multimedia Movies

By using Netflix and Hulu for the past 8 months, I’ve been passing the DVD movie section in the stores without even a glance. But, what do my wandering eyes find when I have to kill time while the rest of the family is shopping? A bluray movie on sale.

Well I never bought a bluray player. I figure by going digital with Netflix, I’d skip a generation of movie technology. But, alas, it’s not just a bluray movie. The $7 sale title includes a DVD as well. And, to further entice me, a digital copy as well. It reminds me of the days when computer software came with both the 3.5″ and the 5.25″ floppies.

So, I bought it. I can watch the DVD. I can download the digital copy to my iPad. Some use iTunes and others use Flixster. Flixster has its own iPad app. Unfortunately, you can’t use the iPad to register the download code. It says the browser isn’t supported. But, once it’s registered it’s in your digital library.

So, I’m now back in the hunt for great sales on bluray movies that say they also include DVD and digital. I missed the movie aisle.

Now let’s think about this. Why can’t they do this with books? I’d buy the paper copy and get a free digital download code for my Kindle. Wouldn’t that be sweet! The local bookstore would sell more books. And it would be the only way to find a digital book on sale – if the paper version were on sale too.

What about record stores? This could have saved them from all but disappearing. It’s not too late.

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