New iPad announced and ordered!

Yes, it’s finally announced! I’m embarrassed to say how many iPads I own – first and second generation. I know it inspires “the look” from my wife. However, I’ve already ordered four new third generation iPads for myself and staff. Why? Because the new retina display alone is worth it – I look at an iPad all day to check my email, monitor my clients servers, research on the Internet, post this blog, play games to destress, etc.

But as a bonus, the new iPad is also faster, has a much better rear camera and can let me speak this blog instead of type it with new voice dictation.

Plus, all the old iPads will find a new home. I know my mom has reminded me she’s on the list (there really isn’t one) for an unused older iPad.


  1. Helen Scott

    Aw shucks! I was all set to buy the iPad 2 at the lower price. Do I really need a better rear camera? The retina display can’t be that much better than the current display especially if I don’t play games or watch videos on it. So why buy the new one?

  2. Eric

    It makes a big diff! I can give you points for not caring about speed, but the camera is so much better. It’s actually worth using! More importantly, the better screen is vital. Your eyes are worth it! This alone would be enough to upgrade. I’ll know more when the new ones arrive Friday.

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