Exploring my hidden reason for Bells Palsy

My second visit to the acupuncturist didn’t begin with needles. My wife has been many times and explained this part, but I just didn’t believe it. Rather, I didn’t believe it would work on me. But, it did. In fact I was “easy.”

It starts with laying down on the table on my back. Just like the normal treatment. But, then the acupuncturist – we’ll call her Ellen – holds one wrist at your side. That’s to feel the change in your pulse and what organ is responding. Then I raise my other arm up straight and resist her light grip on that wrist. Then the questions begin. It’s to get my body to tell both of us what’s bothering me subconsciously. If my arm stays stiff, that means to go on. If it stops resisting, then she’s right on the money. Ellen can even go back in time. She started asking about when the event occurred. It was for the emotion of resentment.

We narrowed it down to an ex. That was surprising as I rarely think of her anymore – with resentment or otherwise. Then it turns out the event was in 1992. That’s a ways back. Turns out a lot happened that year. My eldest daughter was born. My son joined our family. We bought our first house. I started a business with a partner. I left my old job. So, we had to weed through all this. Ellen is an expert at this.

Turns out I hold some resentment against my ex for not allowing me to go to a funeral of my best friend up in Ohio after he committed suicide. I’m not sure if that was 1992 and I had no idea I felt this way. Nor do I remember how the decision was made not to go. But, my body clearly told us this was an issue. This is some crazy stuff!

Another issue remained to tell. It was nervousness. Or anxiety. It’s regarding the future. It’s about my eldest daughter and how I’m not part of her life and not sure I ever will be again. That’s understandable.

I’d also like to point out that when we hit these issues, the pain on my Bells Palsy side increased. I didn’t realize this until Ellen pointed out that I was holding that side of my face while we were discussing the results.

Will all of this help with my Bells Palsy? I dunno. Too early to tell. But, I think it’s important to share for those of you out there that also get this affliction and want to explore possible remedies.


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