WordPress IOS fixed

For the past two months, since the last WordPress for IOS (Apple iPhone and iPad), I haven’t been able to connect to my blog with my WordPress app. The FAQs support said nothing about this, but the blogs were full of comments about others in the same situation. None of the suggested fixes worked. In fact, the WordPress app on my HP Touchsmart and Android tablets still worked just fine. So, it wasn’t an update to WordPress or a plug-in or a theme issue.

So, yesterday, out pops another WordPress for IOS update. Finally! No comments that it would fix anything. Just add new features. Couldn’t hurt right? Well, it worked! I can now use it again!

Do you get where I’m going here? The authors of the app never admitted to a problem. Never made any suggestions on their blog that there was a problem with their app. And, never even said that the new update would fix this issue. Wow.

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