Content Consumer Addiction

I’ve had an iPad for over two years now. I’ve mostly ditched my laptop. I use the iPad for everything. Seriously. In fact, being the self-proclaimed a-type personality that I am, I even take it with me everywhere. I might need it.

But for what? Reading books, magazines or newspapers. Watching movies, videos or tv shows. Playing games. Doing my work. Updating this blog. Social media. Shopping. In other words, consuming content.

What happened to creating? Creating content? I don’t think updating Facebook counts. I’m talking about writing, drawing, designing – and in the process – thinking, imagining, dreaming. The iPad can help with this. But with all the distractions of apps that can consume, we really have to train ourselves to create and learn again.

I took some time out from some games to learn. I read a few chapters of the iPad Users Guide available free in iBooks. Hey, it’s a start.

So, put down that game-playing video-watching Facebook-updating iPad and pick up that itunes university-learning, Ted-educational-video-watching, authoring-tool iPad.

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