YouTube Has It All

My ten year-old daughter and I were walking through a store talking about our broken washing machine. She was asking when it will get fixed. The rubber gasket (bellows) tore again. It’s a $115 door seal. I told her I had ordered it using my iPad when we were at lunch at Bob Evans.

Then she asked how I will install it. I had decided to try to save the labor charge and do it myself. I replied that I had found a YouTube video showing how to replace the part. She said, “YouTube has everything. Anything you want to know is on there. That’s how I learned to make boondoggles.” (A boondoggle is a craft using flat plastic colored string to braid keychains, bracelets, etc.)

YouTube isn’t just a source of endless pet videos. It’s a educational tool that our children have grown up with. And at the young age of ten, she has even posted a few of her own education craft videos.

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