I think I swore less this time!

Washer machine. Broken. Enough said. Well perhaps not…

We have a front loading washing machine. It has what’s called a bellow – a large rubber gasket between the door and the drum. It’s torn once and we had it replaced out of warranty. Well, it happened again. So, this time I thought I’d do it.

I ordered it online on Sunday. It arrived Tuesday. I installed it last night. I used these instructions:


All went pretty smoothly. However, we own a front loader because they’re stacked in a small closet under the stairs. But, I got to the last part of installing the spring loaded clip on the outside of the bellow. The instructions actually admit this part is difficult and even state that it’s ok if you just don’t put it back on. Wow. Those are fightin’ works to a man! I’d be up all night trying to put that thing back on now!

Fortunately, it only took about a half hour and a few choice words to get it done. Let’s hope it doesn’t tear again anytime soon. By the way, we took a trip to Sears last weekend and every model of every brand that’s a front loader uses this bellow.

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