Day 29: Should I Go Back?

Well, it’s day 29 of having Bells Palsy.

It’s still annoying having to hold my face to be able to talk more clearly, having to only eat certain foods and work hard at even doing that, waking up each morning wondering if it’s gotten any better, having moments where I’m tired of talking but must.

Yesterday I had another session of acupuncture. Been doing this about three times a week. She brought out the cups. It’s called cupping. Yeah, not that kind of cupping. It’s with glass or plastic cups that are laid on the skin and then the air is siphoned out of it. It leaves a circular mark. She did it several times. Sort of looks like I had a fight with a vacuum cleaner and it won. Or an octopus got ahold of me.

So, you could say I was stabbed (acupuncture), siphoned (cupping) and electrocuted (electrical stimulation) all in one session.

When I left, it was after 5pm and usually there’s someone at the front desk to schedule the next session. But, this time they weren’t there. And I had to go. So I left.

Should I go back?

I suppose the key to this is if it’s helping me. I think it is.

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