New iPhone on the Horizon

Next week, it is suspected that Apple will introduce the new iPhone 5 and possibly an iPad with a smaller screen. For those of us that already have the latest and greatest devices, we might not get too excited. However, those with Apple IOS products (iPhones and iPads) – and there are millions of you out there – updating to IOS version 6 will be quite welcome indeed!

Existing users can get IOS 6 for free. It should be an automatic wireless download. The new features include the ability to control notifications – so your phone only rings from a particular caller at a specific time. For example, you can put your iPhone on vibrate for night time calls you want to ignore. But, let calls from mom and dad come through with a ring as they might be important at that time of night.

New features also include a Passport app which can be used to store gift card info, tickets, etc. Less to carry around with you. Also, with better Facebook integration, you can send photos to Facebook right from your photo albums. Improvements are numerous and include those to Siri – the voice activated assistant and navigation – using Apple’s homegrown app instead of Google’s.

So, something to look forward to without spending more money!

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