Upgrading to Windows 8, A Saga, Part 1

Ok, so I decided to upgrade my Media Center PC to Windows 8. Am I crazy? Perhaps. A Media Center PC is a Windows-based PC that’s positioned near your television to become it’s interface. Today, it’s old school. Replaced by a Roku or Apple TV. But, remember, this thing runs the full Windows. Plus, I have two 200-dvd disc changers attached – holding my movie library.

It’s made by Sony and came with Windows XP 32-bit. It’s gone through a few upgrades – to Vista and Windows 7. Now, I’m trying for Windows 8 32-bit. But, it turns out, not just any Windows 8. Media Center is a feature built into Windows 7 Ultimate. Well, there is no Windows 8 Ultimate. So, the upgrade path is Windows 8 Professional. Plus, Media Center is no longer included, but an add-on only to 8 Pro. It’s an add-on that’s free until the end of the year and $19.95 thereafter. But, it only goes onto Windows 8 Pro – not Enterprise (which I can get a license of as I’m a Microsoft Partner).

So, $ to Microsoft is in order. But, it’s not so bad. I went to windows.microsoft.com and they’re having a “special” – upgrade to Windows 8 Pro is only $39.99 for download only ($69.99 if you want them to send it to you -why?). They accept credit cards and Paypal. So, I’m downloading the $39.99 version now. I’m on my 4th attempt. It keeps failing. Says it’s corrupt.

A few days later…
No matter what I did it would download but say its corrupted when it verifies. So, I went to another computer. I used the order confirmation link to start the download of Windows 8 Pro there. Success! Then I used the setup to copy it to a USB drive. Once I ran the setup on my Media Center PC, from the USB drive, all was well….

…or was it? Stay tuned!

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