Upgrading to Windows 8, A Saga, Part 2

Windows 8 Pro finally completed the install. And I was able to apply the free add-on of Windows Media Center. However I soon realized I had no sound.

This Sony Vaio MCE PC has a Sigmatel audio driver, with a yellow warning in Device Mangler… ER.. Manager. After some research and false starts, I finally fixed it. The trick was to right click on it, go to Properties. Uninstall the driver and delete it. Then click on Actions menu and discover new devices. Simply removing the device without deleting the driver didn’t work.

Now, if you read part I, you’d know that this PC also has two 200-disc DVD changers, which is why I haven’t roku-ed it (replaced it all with a Roku or Apple TV). Part 3 will find out what I did to get these to work in Windows 8.

So much for … “Windows 8 is Windows 7 with a new interface and will recognize all your Windows 7 devices.” Sigh.

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