Bells Palsy: Day 137

I’m happy to report that I’m starting to show improvement. It seems to have coincided with switching to a new Chinese herb specifically to address Bell’s Palsy called Symmetry or “Lead to Symmetry” that was recommended by my acupuncturist.

My sense of smell has improved slightly. I’m still sensitive to loud noises in the ear with Bell’s Palsy, however. I can move some of my facial muscles on the affected side, but can’t yet close that eye by itself or raise my eyebrows individually. My eye still drips but I have much less drainage from my nose and eye – even when I eat. My mouth is more even without the pronounced drooping on the Bell’s Palsy side. I’m pointing all this out to show that there is progress, but still room for a full recovery.

To summarize my treatments thus far:

4.5 months of Acupuncture/Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.)

Reducing sources of stress at work

Revealing sources of emotional stress in my past and accepting them (N.E.T.)

1 month of taking Symmetry herb (multiple ingredients)

Reducing sources of stress in personal life

Bi-monthly massages


Treatments I’ve avoided or tried only once:

Electrical stimulation

Cupping (Chinese method administered by acupuncturist)




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