Bell’s Palsy: Day 156, a New Year

I know it’ll be a while until I’m back to 95%. That’s how far I had healed six years ago when I had it on the opposite side of my face.

I have noticed I don’t have to hold the bp side as much when I speak. I require fewer paper napkins when I eat. I’m still sensitive to loud noises and both my hearing and taste are affected.

But having entered 2013, I reflect on other ways this has affected me. I know I must learn to relax – to not be anxious about taking a vacation. I know I want to smile more often when I’m healed. I want to kiss my wife more often too.

Bell’s Palsy is a strange way to feel vulnerable. I an affected in so many ways and yet I know some day it’ll be but a shadow. But I don’t know when. So, I must continue to find its source.

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